Top 10 Reasons to Hire an Editor

1. Engaging Your Audience

An editor will help you consistently communicate the key messages that will keep your audience engaged.

2. Saving You Time

An editor will quickly organize a communication piece for optimal flow and readability, freeing up your time to do what you do best.

3. Uncovering Opportunities

Through interviews and active listening, an editor will identify the key messages and words for your business and uncover opportunities to communicate them to your target audience.

4. Understanding Your Business

When an editor comes to truly understand your business, the creative possibilities are virtually endless.

5. Bringing a Fresh Perspective

You could be too close to your product or service to see additional key benefits. An experienced editor will identify these added benefits and then communicate them effectively and consistently.

6. Thinking Outside the Box

An editor can identify other words and phrases you can use to describe your business and engage your audience.

7. A Quick Study

Getting up to speed quickly on virtually any business segment or subject is the hallmark of a good editor.

8. Removing that Sinking Feeling

You know the feeling you get when a mistake is noticed after a marketing piece is printed or published online. An editor’s keen eye for detail can help take care of that!

9. Checking Facts

Calling phone numbers, adding up figures, checking permissions and sending test emails are all part of an editor’s checklist of things to do – so you don’t have to.

10. Adding Simplicity, Clarity and Style

An editor will ensure your key messages are conveyed jargon free in the simplest, yet most effective way for your audience while adding clarity and style to all your communications.

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